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St. Louis First Birthday Photographers | Brooke is ONE!

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- ST. LOUIS BABY'S FIRST YEAR PHOTOGRAPHY - Happy Birthday Brooke! This sweet girl just celebrated her first birthday and is happy to be ONE! The last time we were together she was four months and wasn't |even sitting alone quite yet and now. she. is. WALKING!!! Ah! SOOO much happens in such a short time [...]

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What's the BEST Birthday Present Ideas that Keeps Giving?? Pictures of course! For those in St. Louis, come see us! For more info, visit ~ www.inthelittle.com

Saint Louis Childrens Photographer | Giovanni Turns Two!

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Giovanni!   I’m always in amazement when these sweet little ones, in particular the ones I swaddled and swayed to sleep when they were just days new, come walking right into the studio – on their OWN mind you. I’m always thinking to myself, “No, way. It’s can’t be. Not yet! Slow […]

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Child & Family Portraits in St. Louis | Fall Fun!

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My last fall session blog feature – sniff, sniff. Fall is a busy time as photographer, but it’s so incredibly rewarding. Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege to capture many moments for this family. So excited to know they will have these pictures as a family to look back on in the years […]

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