Best Baby Photographer Creve Coeur Missouri

Meet the Photographer

As a mom of three, I understand how incredibly fast the years pass. Scary fast, in fact! I can hardly believe my twins are nine and my littlest is three!! :o)  So often I’ve wished I could pause or rewind time and enjoy a stage just a *tiny* bit longer.

That’s why I love what I do so much. It’s extremely rewarding to get to know your family and capture moments of love & connection – the things that make life BIG and worth living – and turn them into works of art you and your children will treasure looking back on for a lifetime!

I’m proud to offer custom portraits in the St. Louis, Missouri area, specializing in newborn photography, child photography, maternity portraits, family pictures, and high school senior portraits. I’ve had the privilege of photographing some amazing families in St. Louis since 2011 and I would be honored to be the photographer that captures your fleeting moments, too!

Professionally, I’m an UMSL alumni with a BFA in graphic design. Before I started my business, I worked a number of years in marketing & interactive media and I love that I’m able to use those skills in what I do today. For as long as I can remember my hands have been busy creating and exploring and, when I happen to find a free moment, you can usually find me working on something new – sewing, painting, knitting, the list goes on!

As for life beyond art, my world is my family. It’s fun to watch our kids grow into little people and enjoy life through their eyes and, while there is certainly less “me” time than ever before, I wouldn’t trade this kind of busyness for anything! You can follow me over on Instagram for a tiny dose of our everyday adventures! Thanks for taking time out to learn a little about who I am. I hope you’ll stick around and take a look at some of my recent sessions over on the blog or on Facebook.

Look forward to talking with you!




Cathy Sherwood
Owner & Photographer