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Baby + You. Remember this moment, forever. Don’t let these moments slip away! Though these nine months can seem to go on forever, your baby will be here soon and you will cherish being able to hold onto this moment. Remember what it was like to carry your little one through timeless portraits of your pregnancy and beautiful, growing belly!

As a Sarasota Maternity Photographer, we’re often asked…


When is the best time in my pregnancy to have a maternity photo session taken?
Maternity pictures are best captured during your 7th month of pregnancy (28-31 weeks). Most women have an adorable round baby bump by this point in their pregnancy, are still comfortable to move & stand during their session, and swelling that can sometimes happen in later weeks has typically not yet begun. Please be sure to contact us prior to this time to ensure we can fit you into our calendar, as your session is time sensitive in nature and we don’t want to miss that perfect window!

Where should I have my maternity photo shoot – a studio or outdoors?
It is entirely up to you! Option 1) Let us bring the portrait studio to YOU in your very own home for a mixture of posed studio pictures, as well as candid lifestyle photos – Read more about our in-home studio option here; OR Option 2) Let us choose a beautiful location for an outdoor sunrise or sunset photo session. Each location yields a slightly different “feel” to the type of portraits created for you. Take time to consider which type of “look” you are most drawn to and we are always happy to talk through the benefits of each location option via e-mail or over the phone. Every session with us is custom and unique!

I am only a couple of months along in my pregnancy. When should I schedule my maternity session?
It is never too early to book your maternity photo session! We recommend scheduling when you are no father along than 5 months pregnant, this way you are able to book your appointment for when you are around 7 months pregnant. Also, some mamas have waited too long only to discover we are fully booked at the optimal time in their pregnancy. We never want to miss out on capturing these moments for you!

What do I need to buy and how do I get ready for my maternity photo session?
At the time you book, you will have access to our “How to Prepare” guide that talks about what to wear, bring and how to get ready for your maternity pictures. What moms choose to wear varies from person to person and the location you choose will also influence this to some extent. We are always happy to talk through and help you narrow down the perfect look(s) for your pictures. Most importantly though, your session should be relaxing and stress-free! You deserve to celebrate in this moment and we look forward to being a part of this exciting time!

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