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Children’s Photo Sessions

Baby. Toddler. Little Leaguer… Your baby is growing up right before your eyes and that means those adorable things they are doing now won’t be around for long. Let us help you freeze those precious, fleeting moments!

As a Sarasota Photographer, we’re often asked…


How long does a children’s portrait session last?
Generally speaking, anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. We dedicate time it takes to getting your little one to open up and be themselves. It’s pretty typical that this won’t happen in 10 minutes. It just takes longer to earn their trust and we’re ok with that. Being willing to give your child one-on-one attention means we are able to capture authentic smiles and expressions. The true, beautiful “them” that you love so much.

Can other people from my family be included in the pictures, too?
Of course! We ALWAYS encourage you to be a part of your child’s photo shoot and never charge extra for this. You will LOVE having photos of you and your little one together – actually, those are probably the type of pictures you’re never able to get because you’re always the one behind the camera!

My baby doesn’t like to sit still for long. Will we still get good pictures?
We approach sessions with young children with a “go-with-the-flow” attitude. We are more interested in getting them to talk and play and just be happy during the session. We like to have fun and encourage singing, story telling or playing a favorite game and we make suggestions to encourage their participation, but we never ever force. Overall, our time together is relaxed and candid in nature, and we aim for pictures that are “lifestyle” in nature that reflect the true personality of your child and family!

Do you have a studio or do you shoot only outdoors?
If it’s the “studio look” you’re seeking, let us bring the portrait studio to YOU, by setting up in your very own home. Read more about our in-home studio option here. This is often especially ideal for younger children who are still napping (I can arrange to arrive around the time they wake up, so they are fresh and ready!) as well as families with multiple children as it makes getting ready a little less involved. Or, yes, we certainly capture your child’s pictures outdoors and are more than welcome to recommended locations. We will work with you to customize your session based on the personality of your little one to make it fun and engaging!

What do I need to buy or do to get ready for my child’s photo session?
When you book your session you will have access to our “How to Prepare Guide” that gives outfit suggestions, ideas on fun extras to bring with you to the session, and, in general, how to prepare for your child’s picture day.

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