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St. Louis Children’s Portrait Studio | Connor is ONE!

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Happy First Birthday, Connor!   You went from six months to one way too fast. And look at all the growing you’ve done – less “baby” with each day…. *tear* I’d even say big brother looks older, too; a brother who’s celebrating turning the Big 5 soon! Happy Birthday to two handsome little men! Childrens […]

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Baby's first year picture ideas: Don't forget to get in the picture with your little one! These are always my favorite. :)

St. Louis Childrens Portrait Studio | Orion & Atticus ~ 8 Months!

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Orion & Atticus | 8 Months   These boys! I cannot believe they are so big already!! Since their four month pictures, they are now little sitters and oh my word the smiles, talking and blowing raspberries – SO many raspberries!! Mom and I were laughing up a storm throughout the session with all of […]

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Six months is the PERFECT age to photograph your baby! I mean look at this little guy!!! | See our work at:

Six Month Baby Photographer St. Louis Missouri | Cade’s Sneak Peek!

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Cade | Six Month Portraits   Gah! This little guy and his big brother! There. are. no. words. :D Here are some picture peeks from his six month baby session. I feel so fortunate to have met this amazing family back when they were still waiting on Cade to arrive and then they welcomed me […]

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First Birthday Photographer St. Louis | #stlouisbabyphotographer #oneyear #baby #saintlouis

First Birthday Photo Sessions St. Louis Missouri | Edward is ONE!

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Happy First Birthday Edward!   You may remember his sweet face from back in the fall when we met up with his mom & dad for some family pictures. So happy to have him back, this time in the studio, to celebrate turning ONE! For this session around we awesome time capturing pictures of the […]

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Professional Baby Picture Sessions in St. Louis, Missouri. We LOVE capturing life's little BIG moments for your family. :) See more of our work at #stlouisbabyphotographer #babyphotographer #babypictures #stlouis #missouri

St. Louis Baby Photographer | Connor’s Four Month Pictures

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Say hello to Connor!   Four months of cuteness rolled up into one amazing bundle!! Here are a few pictures from his recent session at the studio… He entered this world as a tiny thing, coming a bit earlier than expected, and has already done SO much growing in such a short time. Mom & […]

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