The Schoen Family

St. Louis Family Photographers Outdoor Social Distance
It was SO good to be back taking pictures
again after a little time away due to
the initial coronavirus closure.

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The Schoens welcomed their little guy into the world
at the beginning of April so capturing his cuteness,
as well as updating family pictures, was a must!

St. Louis Newborn Photographers Outdoor Social Distance
They were amazing when it came to slight
social distance adjustments and nothing
stopped us from having fun together and
capturing so many sweet moments.

In fact, aside from making sure
I had my face mask on when at closer distances,
using hand sanitizer throughout the session
and having mom & dad assist to lessen contact,
it wasn’t very different at all
which makes this photographer happy!

And, about those sweet moments,
my favorite when big sis said (about her baby brother)
with the biggest starry eyes and glow on her face,
“I think I need to hold him now!” 🥰
I don’t blame her one bit. Look at how cute he is!!

St. Louis Newborn Sibling Photographers Outdoor Social Distance Covid
I’m so grateful for the opportunity
to document all the joy in this family’s life
at this moment in time. 💗
So much to be thankful for and to treasure!

Thank you, Shoen family, so much for
trusting me with your memories!