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Baby Photographers near St. Louis Missouri

As if you weren’t cute enough,
Cadence, and then you had
to flash that SMILE!!!
Literally the best!

Saint Louis Baby Photographers

Saint Louis Newborn Photographers

Proud parents make my heart happy!

His daddy *may* have had a hard
time passing him back for
more pictures during the session
because he couldn’t stop starring.
I mean, can you blame him?!!

Saint Louis Newborn Photographers

Saint Louis Baby Photographers

I love Candence’s banner his parents
made for him. Such a fun idea!

They are always mindful to incorporate
meaningful items into their pictures,
as you might remember from their maternity session,
and I just love that it makes them extra special!

Saint Louis Newborn Photographers

Saint Louis Baby Photographers

As you might imagine, I’m all about the
*little* things, including – oh, you know…
Every. Little. Detail. ;-)

I just die when I look at pictures like this
of my babies, who are now no
longer babies I might add. 😭

It’s SO important to me that I capture
baby’s tiny, perfect features for
my families to have and to treasure!

St. Louis Missouri Newborn Photography

Best Baby Photographers in St. Louis Missouri

Thank you to Cadence’s parents for
letting me snuggle your sweet boy.

I’m so excited you’ve decided to participate in
my Baby’s First Year Bundle program and
appreciate that you’re trusting me to
also capture Cadence’s growing moments
throughout his first year of life!



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