Vincent is ONE!

One Year Baby Photographers St. Louis Missouri

Really? Can it be true?!?!
To think it’s been a whole YEAR!

Look at that sweet little face.
Can’t get enough of that grin!

Saint Louis Baby Photographers

Vincent was one of my “First Year Bundle Babies”
and it’s been serious fun to be a part
all the exciting moments, like seeing him
as tiny sleepy baby (newborn),
watching him master tummy time (3 months),
sitting big by himself & crawling (7 months),
and now learning how to walk (12 months)!

He took a step or two while he was
at the studio and was SO proud of himself!!

Baby Cake Smash Photographers near St. Louis Missouri

Cake Smash Photo Session St. Louis Missouri

And about that cake…
sometimes, well, they just aren’t havin’ it
and crawl away at first sight. 🤣

St. Louis Cake Smash Photographers

But you know what: that’s totally ok.
It’s just as adorable and fun
because it’s part of their new-found
personality they are developing
which is so neat to see!

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We were able to coax him back for plenty of photo fun
and now his family has a cute story
to tell about what he thought of his very first cake!
I wonder if he will change his mind
by the time he’s five? 😉

Baby's One Year Milestone Sessions

Vincent’s mama & I were chatting
about the first time we all met each other
at their maternity session,
and how grateful we were that our path’s crossed.

It’s been an absolute
pleasure getting to know this family,
meet their extended family,
and see them throughout this past year.

Thank you again for trusting me
with your precious memories.
I look forward to staying
in touch with you guys!


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