Welcome Baby William!


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Oh my gosh, guys!
Isn’t William precious!!!
10 days new. 😘

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I have a feeling many bedtime
stories and cuddles will happen in this very chair.

Can we take just a sec and talk…

I LOVE being able to capture
these moments for my families
to look back on. Why?
The obvious is that moms & dads are
often too busy meeting needs to
snap a picture but never want to forget
tender times like these,
but also because our babies will,
quite literally, never have the capacity to
know what these sweet moments
looked like if we don’t document them.
As adults it’s so easy to forget that.

And the years just FLY right on by
and pretty soon this corner will give life to
something new and the opportunity for
freezing the moment will fade.
So bittersweet!

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St. Louis Best Newborn Baby Photographers

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Thank you, Pipkins Family,
for having me to your home to
capture William’s first newborn pictures.

Loved meeting you guys
and am excited to get your full
gallery to you soon!


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