Happy 2nd Birthday, Giovanni!


I’m always in amazement when these sweet little ones,
in particular the ones I swaddled
and swayed to sleep when they were just days new,
come walking right into the studio – on their OWN mind you.

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Birthday Two Year Pictures St. Louis Missouri

I’m always thinking to myself,
“No, way. It’s can’t be. Not yet! Slow down!!” :) And they’re not even mine!

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St. Louis Baby Photographers | 2nd Birthday Pictures St. Louis MO

Giovanni, you’re a little less baby and more of a handsome, sweet little man every day.

You’ve got an independent way about you, yet you’re clearly still
snuggly and overflowing with love from that great big heart of yours.
It’s always so much fun to play & be silly with you when you’re here!

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St. Louis Two Year Baby Pictures Sessions

St. Louis Childrens Photographers

He even leaned into to give me kisses as he was leaving. xoxo
Feeling pretty darn appreciated, I must say!

As always, thank you so, SO much for the opportunity to capture these moments.
I could go on and on about how much I adore this mommy/son duo,
but I’ll keep it short and make sure you know I never ever take any of it for granted.


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