These are the pictures that tell of real love.

Playing. Laughing. The drool of a teething baby.
Eight awesome months of watching this tiny little being grow and smile.
Finding his likes, and dislikes.
Learning to improvise at parenthood and seeing the rewards of a hard days work.
Loving each other in new ways you didn’t know was possible.

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Life is awesome and it’s worthy of being savored.

I’m so glad I get to document moments like this when I, myself,
am dealing with kids who will be starting kindergarten next fall. :(
Yes, it’s true what they say…
it really does happen “in the blink of an eye.”
So bittersweet and I don’t want to forget a moment of it!

Thank you so much for our fun evening together!
Words can’t describe how adorable your little guy is. :)
There are ooodles of shots like the ones above and
I’m pretty pumped to show you more in the coming weeks!

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