Remember these cutie pies?

 Well, the twins are back & as adorable as ever!
It’s so hard to believe they are already FOUR months.
In fact, it passed SO fast, I haven’t even had a chance to feature
more pictures from their newborn session.
{… any tricks on how to get time to s-l-o-w just a *touch*??}

This should give you an idea of just how tiny they were just four short months ago!

 Twin Newborn Photography Session Portrait Studio

Just love these first year milestone sessions and
knowing their mom & dad will have these moments to look back on,
because they really do change in a blink.

With last session being their newborn pictures,
four months was light night and day!
Loved seeing their handsome eyes and entire faces light up with smiles
and it was fun to find out who they are looking most like these days.
Atticus is definitely favoring daddy right now!

See you again in the studio around eight months!!

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