St. Louis Baby Photographer | Six Month Picture Sneak Peek!

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This little miss is SIX months!

We had so much fun playing in the studio on Wednesday.
Her big brother came to see me for his six month pictures, too, so this was an extra special treat!

St. Louis Baby Photographer | Six Month Picture Studio

Did I mention six months is one of my very, VERY favorite stages? Cause it is ;-)
Hands down one of the best time to get pics of baby during their first year, aside from newborn of course.


At six months, *typically* baby is:

~ Sitting pretty good on their own
~ Not yet crawling or trying to run from the camera (a bonus!)
~ Will usually let you dress dress & style them without removing said item :)
~ The stranger-danger stage hasn’t kicked in so they are carefree and
let their curiosity and personality shine right through!

This makes for some pretty adorable and priceless portraits of your sweet babe.
Definitely one time you never get back
and I love being able to capture this for my families!


And as for this little sweet pea…
I could sit and stare at her baby blue eyes and those precious cheeks all the live long day!

There is more to be seen from this session in the coming weeks.
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Six Month Portrait Session | Saint Louis Childrens Photographer

View more from this six month session here!


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