I think around Christmastime was the last that I posted anything to do with my kiddos…
well, they turned THREE on us back in March!
Truly bittersweet.
Love the baby that I still see an occasional glimpse of and
it’s so fun to watch the little people they are beginning to grow into.

It’s a bonus that they enjoy spending time in mommy’s studio… it makes for a mixed bag of expressions from two silly faces.
Love being able to capture the adorable. The hamming-it-up side. The playful and giggly side.
And at the end I always get an “I am DONE!” face too. ;)

Here are some from this year’s Birthday Session!
Thanks for letting me brag about my littles! :)

St. Louis Children's Photographer
St. Louis Missouri Children's Birthday Photographer Session

St. Louis Missouri Birthday Photographer Session

St. Louis Children's Portrait Session


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