This Thanksgiving

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Right along with loads of others this time of year, I’m focusing on how grateful I am.
Soaring to the top of  my “thankful” list are two tiny faces.

Thankful to be their mama and just plain grateful to have them in my life.
They make the sweet sweeter and the sour bearable :)
They are God’s little gifts that keep on giving!

Here are a few shots of my kids from our annual trip to the “punkin” patch.
They had a ball. Here they are trying on grandma’s glasses. So silly ;)

At two-and-a-half, they’re getting a little more into the art of picture taking,
especially now that they know they can ham it up and instantly see their funny faces on the back of mommy’s camera.

This little man’s really into airplanes right now – literally sequels at the sight and is so proud of himself when he spots one.

What a mama does to see her kiddos happy.
Add squeezing into a tiny barrel to the list. {check!}

His little face. Goodness… makes this heart melt. I will miss it when those baby cheeks are gone!

This big guy’s at the top of my list, too. Poor hubby gets the lesser of the pics, but I doubt he minds. ;-)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears wasn’t my first pick, but she loved the bear family it came with…
complete with a pouch for mama, daddy and baby bear. She is head over heals for anything “baby”
so much so that she awws at the sight of tiny bubbles in the bathtub.
Love her sweet nature!

Counting my blessings one, by one!

I hope you had a fun fall with your little ones and are gearing up for a few days of good conversation,
warm comfort food and laughter with those you love. :)


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