Welcome home, daddy.

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On Father’s Day, when most Dad’s are spending the day playing and relaxing with their kids, my babies daddy had to leave town. :(
It was sad. For them. For him. {and a little for me too… he was gone an entire week!}

We did, however, get a few hours of his time that morning and made a trip to the doughnut shop. You know, to get the kids all sugared up and full of energy before he left me alone with them. Ha! It was my genius idea, so I clearly have no one to blame but myself. Sugary doughnuts certainly make ME happy, so off we went!

With overly-full bellies, we came home, sang “Happy Daddy’s Day”, gave him his gift {aka, sack full of travel goodies} and said our goodbyes before lunch had the chance to even come around. He doesn’t travel a ton – not like some daddy’s do anyway – so I really can’t complain that much. Plus, the kids are older now and this time around they seem to already understand what the suitcase means. They handled it way better than I expected.

And now, as the week comes to a close, they can tell you what state he went to and that he got there by way of a “pairpane”. Not only that, but Emma makes sure to tell you “messy” when we talk about him. When he left we had just finished gutting our main bathroom and I assume she’s thinking he has a lot of work ahead of him now that he’s home. Gotta love that girl!

I guess you could call this video a late Daddy’s Day present… or… maybe these images are something that helped us all get by while he was gone. Every time I played it for Logan his eyes would light up as he watched his daddy pull him closer. When it came time for “his kiss” he would literally become giddy at the thought of it. I must have played it for him 100 times.

So glad to have you home, sweetie. xoxo


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