Fall Family Portraits with the Sherinski's

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I can”t get enough of FALL!!

Can you? The smell, the texture, the colors! It could stay this way all year… maybe mix in a little spring here and there… and I”d be a happy camper!

The color was pretty hit and miss on this particular weekend, but after some searching I finally found a tiny oasis of reds, and bright oranges… Yipeee!!
I actually think we may have been in someone”s side yard rather than the park, but shhhh don”t tell!

What really made this session fun was the fact that this little man was head-over-heels for the crunchy leaves. I mean absolutely LOVING them!
His momma even showered him with them at one point and that was the icing on the cake! He was in toddler heaven. :)

Allison & Adam are good friends of our family who we met a few years back at Morning Star Church. And, Allison, well she helps keep me grounded and sane in the pokies online craziness that is mommyhood. Our kiddos are playmates and I look forward to seeing them get even closer as they near the two-year mark.

As I sat editing after our shoot, my two kept returning to the computer to point and giggle, trying their hardest to say their friend”s name.
I”m pretty sure it was something like “doda” {as most things are called these days :D}. I do believe the day they all
exchange sentences will be the real kicker that our babies are no longer babies!

Thanks again, Allison, for being my lifesaver and
for letting me capture your busy little family of three!  :-)


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