And baby makes three!

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Just couldn”t wait to show you more of this little one.

You may remember the Facebook Sneak Peek from last week… total mama love. :)


And, talk about a show stopper. Those eyes, her ear-to-ear grin. And the personality!
This girl”s got it all. It truly amazes me how they really are “little people” right from the get-go!

And let me tell you about this family. They make my heart happy.
They make three the perfect little number, don”t ya think! :)

This baby girl is totally the icing You’ll be notified in writing if your is sold or if there is a change in servicer. on the cake, no doubt.

{See that smile I was tellin you about! I”m just a tiny bit in love with this one.}

Thank you both for a great, relaxing afternoon under the tree tops.

You”ve got this baby/family thing down to the point that it looks refreshing! :)
I”m fortunate to call you family and even more lucky to be little bug”s Aunt!

Lots of love!


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