New Beginnings!

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My first post e-v-a! How exciting!! I am thrilled to begin this chapter of my life and it just happens to coincide with my other new endeavor – being a mommy. :) Two things I view as a life-long passion and both of which I’ll always strive to sharpen my skills, all the while going to bed at night knowing I did something with a lasting, personal impact. You have no idea how much that just makes my heart GLOW!!

Photography and the whole idea of memory keeping has always been something I’ve loved. I can still vividly remember my Aunt Cindy showing me the HUGE collection of scrapbooks she’d created for herself as a teenager. She had literally saved every tiny ‘scrap’ of her life and each year of high school she made a new book to preserve all the things she never wanted to forget. Notes from BFFs, movie ticket stubs from a first date, diary-esque entries of going to prom or trips with friends and of course TONS of photos – you name it, she had managed to fit into those books.

She inspired me to do the same and, for that, I am forever grateful. There are many things I loved about high school and plenty I didn’t, but I, too, now have four over-sized albums of priceless, personal memories that would have otherwise easily been overlooked during the next few, busy decades.

As a mom, I don’t EVER want to forget each and every moment, little or big, that passes in the life of my family. It’s just too precious. Too sacred. And, I will never be able to get them back. How often do we just wish we could literally ‘freeze time’?! I’m feeling that right now actually!

While I haven’t figured out how to bend space and time, I am so very blessed to be able to freeze little moments and turn them into memories on paper. Photos that can be displayed on walls, tucked in albums and shared on Facebook with loved ones across the country, or even the world. To know those little frozen moments will be kept forever and treasured held to such priceless standards years from now makes me SWELL with happiness!

That, my friends, is why I’m not keeping my love of photography to myself any longer. I want to touch your life and help preserve your forever moments, too. For everything¬† after the “i-do’s”, whether it’s capturing the beauty of your baby belly with maternity photos, a cozy session with your tiny one for newborn photos, creative and playful toddler or baby photos or even a fun family photo shoot, I am looking forward to each and every milestone.

Thanks for being here and for putting your trust in me as I embark on this new, exciting adventure!

With love,




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