Ok, where did FALL go?

Posted: December 20, 2011-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Babies & Children

If anyone knows where the past couple of months have gone, please let me know.

I’m lost for words and in utter disbelief that Christmas is less than a week away.
Luckily, I’ve been mind enough to stay on top of the shopping and decorating,
but I’m not really “ready”, ready.

My heart is still in a much different place.

To me, it was just yesterday I was chasing my little ones around outside.
Playing in the leaves, swinging high up in a swing.

And doing simple things that we now take for granted, like impromptu trips to get the mail.

I was always amazed by the sheer fun they had outside, socks {less shoes} and all,
running up and down the sidewalk, often with snacks in hand and a big ‘ol grin across their face.

{See how blissfully happy! He’s a lens cap fanatic too.}

{Love those tiny, dainty hands.}

I love the simple side of life they show me.

And I’m already missing our trips to the mailbox on warm, sunny afternoons.
{oh winter, you’re no good!…. or ARE you?}

To be continued!


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