One last hurrah…

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Can you tell fall is near and dear to me. ;-)

These “goodbye fall” posts are quite therapeutic, I might add.
Thanks for humoring me as I relive some fun family moments and ready myself for Christmas!

In September, we loaded the kids in the car and took a wagon ride around one of the festivals in historic St. Charles.
These two cuties got to try homemade potstickers for the first time. They were big hits with my two picky eaters.

We stayed just long enough to eat and listen to a few songs but it was SUCH an enjoyable evening.
Sometimes those unplanned outings can be the best.
No expectations and no stress trying to be there at a certain time. Love that!

And of course another fun low-key activity: Grandma’s House!
Here are a few snapshots of cruzin in the Cozy Coupe and studying nature.

Admiring flowers for what may have been the first ‘real’ time.
Giggly exploring each of the petals and letting the leaves tickle their palms.

They remind me to stop and relive
the little things as if it was MY first time.

And Halloween, who could forget that.
It was a BLAST this year!

Not because of the great weather {though it really was PERFECT for the occasion},
and not because my kids got lots of great candy which we in turn were able to eat
{because we’re still not ‘there’ yet},
but because of their reaction to a stranger’s gift.

They were in complete awe that some random person
would just give them something they could take home.

They could have cared less about the way it tasted,
yet carried it like it was a prize trophy!

And while I obviously loved capturing these moments,
I was even more happy to step away from the camera and spend time
with the most adorable ladybug and monkey you’d ever meet.

Did I mention I’ll do pretty much anything for a smile?!  :-)

Best Halloween – ever.
Next fall has a lot to live up to!


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